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The basic building block of a professional and targeted service is a solid basic knowledge and the right implementation in practice. Whether you already have experience in the cosmetics industry or are a career changer: the AVRA Kosmetik Studio offers professional training in the field of cosmetics and beauty in its various training courses.

In addition to the theoretical part, the training courses are characterized by practical work on models, which are organized by us. Since lateral entry into another industry can sometimes be difficult, other questions that concern you are also discussed at school: how do I start my own business? where do I have to register my business? which products do I use and how are they ordered? what needs to be considered once the business is in place (accounting, taxes, templates from the canton and the federal government)? All these questions can sometimes be an obstacle to venturing into self-employment.

The diploma, after passing the degree, is recognized by the authorities and cantons and is the perfect start to self-employment. So that nothing stands in your way, we are there for you after the training and accompany you step by step. 

Don't hesitate and arrange a consultation on site in the studio today. 


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