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In our studio you will find the optimal solution for permanent hair removal with the latest IPL / SHR technology at the best price-performance ratio.

How does the process work and what else needs to be considered?

Our hair is in different phases. growth phase, resting phase and transition phase. For a successful treatment, the hair should be in the growth phase. The light (IPL) is absorbed by the melanin of the hair and guided to the hair follicle and converted into heat. The follicle is destroyed in this way and broken down by the body. 

The darker and thicker the hair, the more energy can be absorbed to destroy the follicle. Since not all hair is in the growth phase at the same time, several treatments at different intervals are necessary. The number of treatments varies greatly as the phases and number of follicles differ from person to person.

There is NO PAIN or downtime to be expected. Further details and information will be explained in detail in a consultation before the treatment.

Important: Shave hair 1 day before treatment (no waxing, plucking or epilation)

This treatment is currently offered exclusively to women. 


upper lip

upper lip, cheeks, chin

Ob.lip., cheeks, chin, forehead


30 CHF

60 CHF

70 CHF

30 CHF

upper body


back complete

lumbar region



belly button


arms (including hands)

60   CHF

80   CHF

60   CHF

60   CHF

60   CHF

30   CHF

30   CHF

100 CHF

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