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Perfectly shaped eyebrows, expressive eyes and plump lips... Who wouldn't want that!

This is exactly where permanent make-up comes in. The natural beauty of the woman should be underlined by this procedure and the natural look should be done as well as possible. Permanent make-up is not about creating something new, but about emphasizing something better.  

Problem areas like:

thin lips / pale lips / slightly asymmetrical lips / few and unformed eyebrows / thin eyelash line / sagging eyelids

Permanent make-up wants to fix all of these zones. 

A consultation will take place 2 weeks before the actual treatment. There it is decided what can be done and which colors are pigmented. The colors are exclusively worked with the pigment colors from Swiss Color Switzerland. 


Contour & Shading

1 treatment

& post-treatment

Refresher within 12Mt

eye liner

Above 1 treatment

& post-treatment

Below 1 treatment

& post-treatment

Combo top & bottom 1 & 2 treatment

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